Audi A8 is manufactured and marketed by Audi AG in Germany. Audi A8 is a four-door sedan. A8 succeed  Audi V8.

The original model was first released in 1994. The second, third and fourth generations are in 2002,2009, and 2017

Audi a8 Body and Chasing.

This car’s class is a ‘Full size luxury car(F). Its body style is ‘4-door sedan and the layout of ‘Longitudinal FF/Quattro.

Audi a8 Engine capacity

This car comes with turbocharged v-6 which is aided by electric motor to generate 335 horse power; with an optional 460-HP twin-turbo.
Infotainment and Technology.

The interior is made of fine materials. It has longwheel base which ensures passengers arecbalanced/accommodated and very well comfortable.

It has for warmers and massaging
seats. Also, It has features like Driver-assistance, next-level tech such as night vision and a remote-parking mode as optional extras.

Its Ranking

A8 ranked #4 in super luxury cars in 2019 with v8.2 out of 10 which is great.
Some of the rankings are: quiet and serene ride, elegant interior, high-tech, user-friendly features, coddling passenger accommodation and some more.

Is this a good car?

From the rankings above, it has good features that is redesigned for 2019. Coddling seats, its classy cabin interior designs. More also, Better fuel economy estimates.

Also, coming to trunk, it is big enough to contain as  many goods one would pack home.

Asking if you should buy Audi A8?

One who wishes to have a quiet and serene ride and many other features from the rankings has no enough reason(s) to have double mind.

Also, It should be in mind that this A8 is the king of luxury sedan. Then the A8 of 2019 is available with turbocharged v6 engine only. Advice here is that you should have more interest in 2018 or 2017

Research shows that 2018 offered a
supercharged v6 or turbocharged v8)

How much is this Audi A8?

2019 Audi A8’s price starts at $83,800. And also for
excellent manufacturer’s incentives,I suppose you visit ‘Audi deals page’.


2019 A8 gets 19 and 27MPG in the city and also on the highway respectively-below average though.


Audi covers the A8 with a four-year/50,000-mile.



A8 comes with front and rear parking sensors and also, a rear view camera, automatic high beamsand Audi Pretty-sense Front which include forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking.

It also packs a Surround-view parking camera, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, intersection assistance, lane departure warning, lane keep assist and many more