Brick game was invented by Mr Pazhitnoz. That was in the mid 80s. The game had a console that trended at late 80s and early 90s for the
respective generations of kids. PerseusGame programmed it.

Brick Game Reminder/Memory?

This game (Brick Game) brings childhood memories back for those that had once played it in the early 2000s and late 90s. Anyone that has this game in one’s phone; will have one’s friends play in turn their favorite in the game.


This is a 19 in 1 game; that is in the game console. It has 11(eleven) different themes. It
also features different levels and speeds. It offers options for settings, sounds, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

More features of this game (Brick Game) are:

Access to 8(eight) bit sounds, ability to share scores with friends and family through social apps and you’ve the chance to share our submit your score to leaderboard.

The game has shapes of J,T,L,S,O and many more.
List of some games in this Brick Game are:
A-Brick Puzzle
B-Tank Classic
C-Racing Classic
D-Snake classic
S-Brick Puzzle Classic vii.


This game is categorized under the category of Free Arcade GAME.

The Game Requirement:

Android 4.1+ and other devices like iOS.

How Relaxing is this game?

It gives you chance to play from level one and speed one and there you go, its speeds and
levels increases as progress is made. One big idea is to understand each game’s rules. Once learned and understood, progress surfaces and then you keep the challenge on.


Any phone can play the game once its version is
at least 4.1+.


Except if you want to exit the app, the only thing that will pop up is the options for rating either ‘Now or Later’.

You can search in your browser with the keyword ‘Brick Games’ and choose which website you would prefer. I prefer through Google play, PerseusGames, and others.


It’s for everyone that can control the motions in the game. Kids, adults, anybody.

Any Oops in this game?
For me, the game’s speed is a beat fast and you can’t switch from clockwise to anti-clockwise while the game is playing.