Payback² is categorized under the category of arcade. It is a digital game that interests many real gamers. I’ll write my review on the app. The wows and oops one would experience in the app.

In Payback², the windows of the vehicles in the game ate not transparent. In a situation where there is water, you can’t swim your player and the houses there are not enterable. The number of opponents you’ve to fight are just 15 which is are small.


Maybe 30-50 number of opponents would have been better but anyway, the 15 players saves time. It has option for first player, multiplayer and others. The UI and sounds are amazing. Each sounds suits the environment you’re in the game. You’ve option for race too! The games has no rules.

It’s addictive once you’ve started start playing payback².

This game has nice graphics. The oops here is Ads that always popup and hangings, lags and freezing somewhere in the game as you play.


One of the identified lacks here is limited weapons. It is programmed in such a way that it goes for cars all the time. The time limit for missions is not that enough. The display is of small size. Not A full screen or more so, would be type of phone. The Ads comes at end of each chapter meaning that you would finish a level and the Ads will be popping up one after the other.

Watching one will lead to watching another one and more so, connection would or probably fail. I like the way the sounds roll even inside air outside the car. The wish I’ve to see here is more guns, like grenade luncher and the likes. In the first person mode, the programmer(s) should remove the flash on pistol and double barrel gunshot. Improve in the map and change the old cars.


The programmers should add rules that would call for police chase. The cities are small. I suggest they add more cities to have more ride and relaxation.And please, how can I’ve only two options in the Ads side? That I’m to pay $10 and see no Ads or 3 coins to watch and keep progressing. There is this lack in the control- quick turns, it’s not excellent here.

To some phones, the crashs and you’ll have to reboot and start again which is stressful.

I’ll give this game 4★★★★.Why? The Ads are so damn annoying and the series of lags in the middle of the game. It is not so cool to must watch ads at every finish of a mission.


This game is super great for real gamers. Of you’re not one; just get it and give it a try. It’s downloadable to any android phone of 4.1 and higher. Lastly,  ads should have options for turn of. More weapons, new car designs with more speeds